CLOUDWATCHER (observatory and pocket versions)

Software & other downloads

CloudWatcher and PocketCW2


Current version is 9.4.0 (October 2023)

Specific to the Cloudwatcher:
  • Firmware (only required for user upgraded units)Version 5.8.9 – for current units, with or without external AP/RH sensor. Sky quality light sensor.
Specific to the PocketCW2:

Linux and OSX:

cloudwatcher by lunatico astronomia


For all units:

—support for remote reboot (so no need in the future to power cycle to update)

—device constants now hardwired


AAG WeatherCentre (1)

A free module which combines information from AAG_CloudWatcher with information from a standard weather station controlled by either Virtual Weather StationWeather Display or Cumulus software. For this program to be fully operational, one of these weather station packages must be installed.

•    Complete software package (v2.3)

•    Online help

(1) The program AAG WeatherCentre is no longer needed since 2017 because the CloudWatcher measures wind speed and relative humidity.
It is fully operational but not being updated – offered “as is”.