The company

Lunático arises from the interest in Astronomy of its founder, Jaime Alemany, who from a young age enjoys and suffers from his passion for the sky.

The unique experience of observing, sometimes at a glance, the Milky Way on a clear and cloudless night, a cluster, the Moon, or taking images of any galaxy or nebula, is often accompanied by the transport of telescopes, cameras, batteries, eyepieces, cables and more cables… spending cold nights and making arduous attempts to assemble telescopes and mounts… From this experience, with which you will surely identify, Lunatico was born in 2006 with a fundamental objective: to make astronomy easier and safer for the amateur astronomer, with excellent customer service.

As the company kept steadily growing, Jaime’s wife, Débora Sánchez turned from casual to full-time collaboration.

In early 2022, Miguel Angel García, an outstanding software developer, joined the team helping with customer support and collaborating in new product design, software development and documentation. Later in 2022, we kept growing with Águeda Alemany adding many more general responsibilities to her previous role as the Queen Bee in our Hive project.

Other key people include José B. Castro, who designs all the electronic circuits, Javier Gordo and Darío A. Sánchez for testing and assembly, and Bernardo Alemany, responsible for the product and company logos and general graphic design.

Lunático works full steam on making the most versatile products, especially for remote observatories. Most of our products can be easily accessed from everywhere, have smartphone apps to enhance availability, allow scripted operation, and are being constantly updated. And they are all designed for long useful life and can be repaired in case of need.

Our products are available everywhere in the world, from local dealers in many cases, directly from us in others, with free shipping in most cases.

And lastly, as we’ve been repeatedly told, we offer the very best customer support.

Jaime Alemany

Débora Sánchez

Javier Gordo

Águeda Alemany

Miguel Ángel García

Darío A. Sánchez

José B. Castro

Bernardo A.

At Lunático Astronomía we are aware that, among all of us, we have to take care of the planet, and we are committed to do so as a fundamental part of our business philosophy.

This is why we strive to make all our products durable and easily serviceable and offer the replacement parts or repairs that may be needed at a very reasonable cost. We also offer parts and advice for local servicing, as far as possible.