The best portable solution to detect clouds, measure temperature, brightness, relative humidity and dew point. Controlled and monitored from your smartphone.

Pocket Cloudwatcher device. Hot Product 2019 - Sky & Telescope.

LUA inside

Main Features:

  • Configurable Alarms (1) for any of the readings, plus battery level and data age (watchdog function) 
  • Can run from the internal rechargeable battery, or from any standard jack (5.5-2.1mm, centre positive) and ubiquitous 12V power supply
  • Data shared via Bluetooth ™ Low Energy – any device in the surroundings can read it! (*)
  • All data displayed, alarms fired at your Android or iPhone smartphone (Bluetooth LE required)
  • Brightness sensor optimized for natural light (artificial light, especially fluorescent, result in wrong readings)
  • PC version available (2)

(1) New APP version! (2019/April) – 2.1 (available to everybody, including existing users – just an app update away).

  •  Much more powerful alarms: for safe, unsafe, with snooze, ignore period…
  •  Configurable screen saver.

(2) With PC version available:

  • All the features of the pocketCW, plus PC connection via a micro USB cable.
  • The PC can run all our AAG CloudWatcher software for displaying and automation – including ASCOM safety monitor and weather conditions drivers.
  • Any number of phones can be connected while the pocketCW is also sending data to the PC.

Take the new pocket CloudWatcher with you to your favorite dark place, and sleep relaxed while it monitors the sky and ambient conditions, waking you up in case of trouble.

✘Not to be permanently installed outside.
✘Not rain resistant.

If you are looking for a full feature sky weather conditions cloud detector, choose our CloudWatcher high precision and low-cost system for monitoring the sky condition!

Smartphone apps and permissions

Lunatico's smartphone apps (GNS, GNSFree, Dragonfly and the pocket CloudWatcher, and any future ones) do not require nor use any sensitive data or permission. None at all.
Bluetooth apps request location information - this is an android requirement since BlueTooth 4.0. We don't want that location information, won't use it, but cannot avoid the system asking for it. And it has to be granted to have bluetooth connectivity. Not only that, but: • the apps will only use your Smartphone storage to save its own settings • they won't access your calls, contacts, identity... nothing at all • the only data they'll know about you is what you configure in the settings • ... and even that won't be shared with anyone. Ever.