Focusers with custom Lunatico
plate & cylinder

Baader Steeltrack Diamond

Baader Steeltrack (older model - pre-Diamond)

FeatherTouch style crayford

FeatherTouch style R&P

GSO basic crayford

Heavy duty R&P

LongPerng and others

Meade 127

Monorail 2 y 3 inch

SkyWatcher Black diamond

SkyWatcher Crayford (white)

SkyWatcher Esprit

Takahashi FS 60

Takahashi FSQ 85

Takahashi FSQ 106 & other models with 4" focuser

Takahashi Sky 90

Takahashi TSA 102 & other models with 2.7" focuser

Curved base Omegon/Tecnosky

Flat base Tecnosky


Vixen R&P (older models)

William Optics basic crayford

William Optics Rotolock

 In you can’t find your focuser, please contact us.