Firmware and software

Windows Users

ASCOM: if not already installed, please download and install the ASCOM platform for the Dragonfly software to work, even if you plan to use it stand-alone. It's free and it's great.

Linux & OSX Users

INDIGO & INDIlib drivers available.

Dragonfly software

Please check these notes if updating from an earlier (pre 6.x) version.

Windows: Version 6.2.2 (March/2022)


* much improved internal macros (with up to 2 actions each)
* manual macros (to be user activated)
* advanced watchdog
* roof control from the main, panel window (can be disabled if needed)
* password control
* improved internal web
* relay restrictions
* includes Dragonfly Configurator 2.1b to modify the internal device configuration
* improved logs, including date / time for every event and recorded to disk
* execute scripts from a pen (to perform safety resets, or complex tasks)
* improved ASCOM switch driver


To use more than one Dragonfly from the same computer, please, refer to this article.

OSX: Configurator 1.5 (March/2020)

To modify the configuration of the Dragonfly and program the internal macros.

Version 2.0 coming soon!
Choose your drivers from INDIlib or INDIGO initiatives.
(Ctrl-click on the Dragonfly icon to open, then choose open).