Windows Users

ASCOM: if not already installed, please download and install the ASCOM platform for the Seletek software to work, even if you plan to use it stand-alone. It's free and it's great.

Linux & OSX Users

INDIGO & INDIlib drivers available.

Seletek's current version:

  • Software 4.8

  • Firmware 5.3.2

Last update: Jun, 3, 2022

Quick links to current packages:

Valid for all controllers and Windows versions.

Quick links to current firmware:

Valid for all controllers and Windows versions.

Seletek’s last update

*  Software 4.8

– Added support for the Limpet
– Installer: add firewall rule to enable network connection

Firmware 5.3.2

– Double hand control for Seletek Armadillo and Platypus

– improve in limit switches

– Fixed the temperature readings while the motor is moving