Rain sensor: Capacitive or Hydreon version, what to choose?

cloudwatcher by lunatico astronomia
CloudWatcher with Hydreon rain gauge rg-9
Capacitive sensor Hydreon RG-9 sensor
High sensitivity
Very high sensitivity
Some indication of the amount of rain
Indication Rain Yes/No
Big surface
Big surface
Total Integration with CloudWatcher
Very good integration with CloudWatcher
Quite inexpensive
More expensive (still reasonable)
Strong heater valid for any weather condition
Weaker heater (not suitable for snow or heavy dew)
Great support
Great support

Drawbacks for each model

Capacitive sensor Hydreon sensor
Solid dirt (such as bird droppings) requires cleaning
Very dusty and windy environments will require
replacing the transparent dome
May need recalibration (easy to perform) as it ages
Intermittent lights (such as the rotating anemometer
shadow) can fool the sensor
Relatively delicate surface
Strong daylight may slow the detection - not an issue
for nighttime astronomy may be for solar observatories.

With our thanks to G. C. and William Bristow for sharing their experience with the Hydreon rain sensors.