Graphs and data analysis from The Solo CW

Harold Wever has been so nice to share with us the setup he’s arranged to process the data from the ClowdWatcher/Solo combo.

You may want to check the “Tweaking the Solo” document if you never modified it.

He has a pen drive inserted in his Solo so the data is being constantly recorded; then there is a script that uploads that data, weekly (of course the periodicity can be changed).

The script is placed in one of the “cron” folders, so it is executed periodically ( /etc/cron.weekly for every week, /etc/cron.daily … ), and looks like this:


cp /mnt/pen/userdata.csv /tmp

/home/aagsolo-orig/Dropbox-Uploader/ upload /mnt/pen/userdata.csv /

(the “” is freely available for users of dropbox)

With all this, we get a new “userdata.csv” in our dropbox folder; that file is imported into an excel file, where some nice graphs are produced, and also other data analysis can be performed.

The excel file Harold has created, and some data is available from here (password Harold Wever).

Thanks Harold for sharing this!