Updating the CloudWatcher firmware from the Solo CW

The update procedure can be performed 100% remotely on units with recent firmware (>= 5.71), so first of all we need to check the current version. To do so, just go to: http://aagsolo/cgi-bin/cgiLastData (if you have renamed your unit, replace as appropriate). In the second line, we’ll be able to see the version:

cwinfo=Serial: 1452, FW: 5.71

As said, the procedure is slightly different if the current version is earlier than 5.71.

            1) Download the latest firmware:


… and copy it to the “tmp” folder of your Solo:

2) Connect via ssh (terminal) to the Solo.

Updated Windows 10 computers have the needed ssh program already installed, just:

  • Launch the Windows Powershell
  • Type “ssh pi@aagsolo” (when asked if trust, answer yes, password, “cloudwatcher”)

For older Windows, first get “putty” (, and connect as in here:


      • user pi,
      • password cloudwatcher. 

3) Once in the Solo, type the following: 

pi@aagsolo: ~$ cd /tmp (press enter)

pi@aagsolo:/tmp$ sudo service aagsolo stop 

If your unit has firmware pre-5.71:
At this point power off your CloudWatcher (not your Solo!!) 

pi@aagsolo:/tmp$ /home/aagsolo/HASFileLoader

update f=AAG_CloudWatcher.has

You’ll see some messages, then dots every second, please power on your CloudWatcher.

If has firmware  post-5.71:

Just type:

pi@aagsolo:/tmp$ /home/aagsolo/HASFileLoader resup f=AAG_CloudWatcher.has

All going well, you’ll see a list of numbers, increasingly in hundreds, up to 9728:

HAS file will be [AAG_CloudWatcher.has] 

Updating device…

Read 19456 bytes from file





(many more numbers)


9728 Done

At this point, the CloudWatcher is updated. Just relaunch the Solo service:

pi@aagsolo:/tmp$ sudo service aagsolo start

and exit. 

pi@aagsolo:/tmp$ exit


Some early Solos do not seem able to update the firmware; if that’s your case, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do, you’ll have to resort to the Windows tools.